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Probo Cares
Be it loss protection or data security, Probo is user first always. Check out the latest on responsible trading.
Exiting trades is your choice
The ‘Exit’ feature gives the user an opportunity to exit from the current trade and helps in controlling your losses and maximising the profit.
Market Orders and Instant Exit
Market orders are a fast and reliable method to buy or exit a trade in a fast-moving market. With market orders, quantities are matched almost instantly after placing an order at the best available price. Come test drive.
The Power of Prediction Markets
Check out case studies, research articles and the utility of Probo events
Probo takes care of you,
so you take care of your trades.
Fastest news feed in the game

Probo is all about understanding the world around us and bene fitting from our knowledge. Everything on Probo is based on real events that you can learn about, verify and follow yourself.

All the news without the noise

Our experts go through tons of information to get to the very core of a world event. They help you develop not only an opinion about events but also a better understanding of the world around us.

The power to exit trades, anytime

Probo is an opinion trading platform. And, like a true trading platform, Probo gives you the power to exit. You can withdraw from a trade, if it’s not going in the direction you thought it will go.

The pulse of society is on Probo

Besides helping you learn important financial & trading skills, Probo also helps you understand the collective thoughts of Indians. Knowledge that is crucial for the betterment of our country.

News that creates trading opportunity, everyday

Keep an eye on the happenings around you. Be it Politics, Sports, Entertainment and more.


Understand the news without the noise. Get to the crux of every matter and develop an opinion.


Have the courage to stand by your opinions about upcoming world events by investing in them.


Have the patience to negotiate market ups and downs, and take a decision as events unfold.

What will be the return on your opinions?